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The concept of “making your money work for you” refers to utilizing your money so that it earns even more money.

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Watch Your Business Growth1

Secure Your Family Future

The Rules of Money have changed. No longer can we expect home values to rise while interest rates decline. No longer can we depend on our company’s pension plan to secure our retirement.

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Invest Point

Welcome to Invest Point

Invest Point is one of the fastest growing investment company, providing full fledged services in corporate finance & investment banking, asset management, securities brokerage, private equity, and equity research. We provide a widqge of financial services and investment instruments to a diversified clientele base that includes institutional and high net-worth investors, corporations, and financial institutions. Invest Point is the relationship investment bank.

Invest Point was founded in 2011 with the aim to become a leading financial service provider that strives to create  innovative, effective solutions, that create value to all investores we search to satisfy the client’s latent needs.

Our performance varying from 6% to 10% per month according to our performance from the last 2 years with a magnificent risk management system (3% maximum loss) and a 97% capital guarantee.



Accumulated monthly performance

Current month  : 3.374% (up to date)
Previous month: 6.269%

Accumulated yearly performance

2015 : 6.269%  (till last month)
2014 : 102.33%
2013 : 137.08%